Old Sea Brigade Signs with Nettwerk Music Group

Pretty pumped for Ben of Old Sea Brigade for signing with Nettwerk Music Group.  Its a great label and company with tons of great artist.  Here is the official announcement



also check out the new single that i produced and Mixed for Old Sea Brigade





The Cowards Choir

The Cowards Choir is Andy Zipf. Andy is an amazing songwriter and singer from DC. He and I have worked many times together and each time is amazing. I think Andy Is a prolific and honest songwriter. His new record under the Moniker The Cowards Choir is called "Name The Fear". Please go rock it. Its Available everywhere and will also have vinyl available. I am always greatful when artist want to work with me.  It was awesome to produce, engineer, and mix this record. I am very proud. Thanks Andy!

This is a video for Andy's pledge music. Even though its done its still a great watch.

Jon Bunch.... you will be missed

I had the pleasure of touring with Further Seems Forever on their Hide Nothing tour. Jon Bunch had just become their singer and recorded the Hide Nothing Record with the band. I remember thinking how nice Jon was when I met him and that he was very tall., taller than I. Which is not normal for me. People aren't usually taller than I am. But Jon had a great voice and was such a sweet person on that tour. I remember it being hard on him, because he had just come to the band and the fans expected different things then what Jon was good at. None the less he was awesome and added his own flair to the band. It was cool to know him and to see him sing. I know a lot of people that love that Hide Nothing Record from Further Seems Forever. I am one of them. 

Rip Jon Bunch.