New Site!


 We are working on this new site and I am feeling it so far. I am going to try and post more stuff. I think I say that a lot, but this time I mean it.  Anyway.... Lots of cool stuff going on. I just mixed a full length record for the Seattle band Verlaine.  Verlaine is a super group of sorts. Comprised of members or twothirtyeight, Forever Changed, and the Myriad. It came out great, Also just mixed the new Four Letter Lie record and it rips. Love those guys. Just finished Producing an ep For the  Elyse Therose and It rips. Elyse Therose is actually one person, Erin Jeffreys, and she played everything.  Pretty exciting stuff coming up. So if you actually read this blog then thanks.

Here is what Mercer st looks like in the dead of winter. Will it ever get warm?