I recently traveled up to Norfolk Virginia to record drums and guitars for the band Sunndrug. Sunndrug is a new band consisting  of Jimmy Reeves and Chris Raines of Spitfire. We had a great time. A lot of laughs and a lot of good tones and food. Big Thanks to Clay Garden Studio and Jacki Paolella for having us. We knocked out 9 songs in 4 days. Jimmy had most of the music done. So it was a blast to hear Chris just bring the power. Chris is a force in rock drumming. It was my second time recording him, the first being for Norma Jeans record I produced called "Meridional". Chris has a style all his own. Which is hard to accomplish in my opinion in rock drums.  Jimmy has written some crazy dark jams. He suffered over these tunes and made something special. His ability to manipulate sound and noise is very cool. His patience shines through on this stuff.  So stoked that they had me come be a part of it. Looking forward to mixing this one in the fall. Gonna be rad. Sweet Potato Mash!