Five Iron Frenzy

"i've never recorded a band with so many members"-JSHG

About 4 years ago when I moved to NYC. My buddy and studio Partner Dennis Culp walked into the control room of Singing Serpent Studios and said "Hey Jer, would you ever record Five Iron?" I responded with "hell ya I would".  Honestly I never thought it would happen. Five Iron is an iconic band from the era I grew up in. They are known for their Ska Elements, but there is a lot more to this 8 member onslaught.  They are just original people.....all of them. Some of the most unique individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. We started it off by recording one song to see if they would like it. There was a lot at stake for this record, this would be their return after 10 years broken up.  So Dennis and I got on the phone with Scott Kerr and Talked about this Demo he had sent over called "It was a dark and stormy night". I thought the song was awesome and we talked about a few details of the song and what we loved and wanted to change about it. Honestly I was nervous cause this is a band that had figured it out long before I was even making records. But I was honored to have the chance to work on it.  A few months after that phone call, the band showed up to record this one song. Everything went great and sounded sweet. Was really fun for me.  We knocked everything out Pretty fast and the then did a mix a few weeks later. A few weeks after that we started planning for the full length.  It would be logistically hard because of how many members of the band there are, but honestly.. it all worked out great.  The band was super prepared and mega funny the whole time. We laughed a lot. It was a ton of work because they showed up with so much content. Be we hammered away.  When your a kid and you always hear about a band or hear their tunes, you never think that you might get to work with them one day.  I'm very thankful that they trusted me and let me do this record, cause I think it rules. Thanks Dennis.. Lets do it again...