Gasoline Heart

So....... I'm going to use this blog or news page to update you but to also talk about records I've done that I love. 

A couple of years ago my friend Louis Defabrizio hit me up and said "JER, I wanna make this RECORD!' I said I want to do it! He said "JER, LETS DO IT LIVE". So thats what we did.  I set up the band all in one room in my NYC Studio. Drums in the main room, with bass plugged in Direct. Guitars were in too separate closets which sounded cool but there were glass walls so I had a problem with acoustics in there. It felt really honky from the glass. So we put up foam and egg crate and made a tighter sound. I put Louis out in the hallway with cables running to his blues junior amp that totally rips. We did the standard level testing. DRUMS< BASS>GUITARS> then Vocals. I remember spending a good amount of time making sure the bleed from mic to mic was cool and not obnoxious. After that Lou said "are we ready?" I said "as ready as we will ever be". Those guys proceeded to slam out 10 jams in 2 days then overdubbing tamborines and background vocals later. All in all we probably spent a week on the entire record. Mixing took me about a week also. It changed the way I wanted to record forever. I enjoy multitracking of course. But sometimes a live jam or two gives me the goosebumps. Also working with Louis is the best.  We became super tight buds after that. Louis is one of my favorite song writers TRUTH HONESTY AND BRUTALITY. The album is called "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING".  Go Rock it!